From: RMS, Western Region
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 9:12 AM
Subject: Business Trends – Week 10 – Our region
Importance: High

2 I expect that we are telemarketing our top 500 customers for the 20% off preview continually starting this morning……I should not be able to get through to a store by phone…….either you are ringing through a sale or you are on the phone telemarketing, it has to happen NOW!
3 We must be chatting with our customers when they come into the store, acknowledge them (20/20) tell them about some of the great things happening in the store, what’s new, what’s on sale, our favourite jewellery, something to compliment what they are wearing… all know how to sell. Sometimes we get into a slump because we think there is little traffic in the mall, etc, there are all kinds of reasons. Go try on some clothes, get the customers involved in what you are trying on. The “winners” will find the opportunities and fly with them
4 Don’t forget the e-mails……customers can get a $10.00 gift certificate no matter if they have their own e-mail or not, make one up for them on and honour the certificate as if the customers does not have a printer at home. [is this english?]
5 Have fun, customers LOVE to shop in a store where the associates are having fun, the atmosphere is light and the music is fun. Even though there are so many outside influences that affect our business, there are also many instore influences that can fix them. Let’s get on this now, don’t forget I am expecting busy signals when I try calling!

Oh and I’m supposed to do this with my two hands and one head for the four or five hours I am by myself? I think not! Doesn’t this sound like a little much for one person to do on ones own? Lol. No more of this. NO MORE! I will (hopefully) have higher ups who speak english.