Went for a walk to the library today, which was nice, because John came with me. We picked up some books on web design, because I keep forgetting the simplest things, and because John wants to be more active on the new website, Defenders of the Crown, which is his newly established Monarchy in AC. I hacked out the long boring bits I had in the history and sent the edited version to Raven the Archer, who is our webmaster. I’m hoping that others will get into the RP spirit and submit more to that section. I will have to ask her to post my AC email for that, and for further suggestions. I want to be a little more active than I have been. I have been, understandably, preoccupied.

Mom came to visit yesterday, which was splendid. I always enjoy when she visits. We went underwear shopping, out to lunch, then went to gawk in the parliament buildings. Yes, i know, it’s a strange mix. Anyhoo, it was time for the underwear shopping. I introduced mom to the wonders of the padded underwire bra. She has to be very careful where she works, because she works with those who are ‘mentally challenged’ (for want of a better term) and quite frequently the young men, and even the older ones can’t seem to control things when they see that its cold, if you catch my drift. So she was pleased with my introduction, to say the least. Lunch was great, as usual, because neither of us had to cook, or do dishes. Then I had to trudge on up to work and I did my close almost without having to ask any questions. Not bad for the third time out, eh? Tomorrow, I will be all by myself, so we shall see how that turns out. (Hopefully we won’t get that odd woman in like we had last night. She brought back things she had bought months ago, and she had about 15 reciepts from as far back as January. It took almost two hours to sort her out!)

Have been doodling of late. Two pictures of Khali herself and one of Ahlliandra. Been thinking about Elfwood