Thursday Thumb-Twiddler

1. Would you rather your boss were better at his/her job, or a nicer person? She’s already a really nice person, and she’s really good at her job.

2. Your company is going bankrupt. You still have a little cash on hand, and you can do one (and only one) of three things: provide refunds to customers for unfulfilled orders, pay your employees their back wages, or pay suppliers for goods they extended you on credit. Which would you do, or would you do something else altogether? Well, seeing as I’d hate to owe anyone anything, I think I would satisfy the customers first. Everything else I’d have to absorb myself.

3. The US government has chosen you to select a creature other than the bald eagle to be the new symbol of America. What would you choose? Hrm, this one is soooo tempting, perhaps a Muskrat…