So. I ended up with the same prof for two classes. That in itself is not too bad, but the fact remains that I nearly fell asleep in the first class, and not just because it was an 8:30am class either. Tedious, tedious little man. And he says ‘hm’ or ‘Hum’ or ‘ugh’ every few words like he’s sounding for the pitch of his voice or something. Or clearing his nose. I actually had an eye twitch after the second class. Second class where we spent an hour listening to him define the differences between ‘author’ and ‘narrator’ to a fourth year English class. He wanted to be absolutely sure that we were not mistaking the narrators voice for that of the author. Any one of us in that class room could have done it in a quarter of the time. Then I ran into Annalisa on the way out and she was like ‘ohmigawd he is so baaaad. I hated him’ and I asked if he was any good despite his quirkiness and his nasal problems and she didn’t seem to think he was. Now, the question is, do I risk waitlists of 24 long just to try and get a different proff? Is he going to be a waste of my time? I really hope he’s not a waste of my time like that git I had as a replacement for Lorna in first year. *crosses fingers*