Memorable Quotes

“Don’t die. Dead people suck.”

“Pyjamas? Pillow Fight? Where?”

“You want a piece of me you, you balloon? Take that!” (as Bill stomps on every balloon that seems to gravitate towards him.)

Proffessorial Quirks, # 2

Which region does the peculiar pronunciation of ‘book’ come from? Say ‘too’ and then use that ‘oo’ sound for words like ‘book’ ‘put’ (poo-t), ‘good’, ‘would’. (yes I was paying attention to what he was saying, perhaps too closely.)

Mental Note

There is no definition for a concept that is a total paradox. So how come I have four classes that want to concentrate on how this concept applies to literature? If I cannot define it in any other terms but paradoxical ones, then how can I apply it to the cahnges in literature? Is all literature of the modern age born of a paradox then? (can you see me pulling my hair out later this semester?)


Yes. I am alive. I have decided that working on a monday just might end up killing me due to the fact that I have three classes back to back and then I an supposed to be off right after that to get to work. Yargh! We shall see how that goes. For now, I am off to do what homework that I need to do for tomorrow’s classes.

Greetings From Outer Space

Lindsie: HI! Nomes: HI! (sorry you decided to shut your blogs down) Shannon: HI! Happy Birthday!! Wooo!!