In a thoughtful mood today. Was thinking about how we change, from youth to adult, and how our outlook changes too. I remember Amber saying that she wanted to write down what it was like, how she saw it, as a teenager before she forgot. I think I forget.

I was on the bus, and I saw these two kids racing to catch the bus, and they darted out in front of an old guy in a scooter. At first i thought they were just being kids, you know, racing along the street, so when the old guy shook his head at them I started to agree with him, and then I thought – I must have done that once or twice in my life, but I don’t remember thinking about those around me. There was a reason for that, but I don’t remember. I just remember the feeling that the world would be ours one day, but no one saw it – and there was a sense of freedom in that. I also remember thinking that adults didn’t know anything about what it was like to be a kid, at that time, in that school, in that age etc etc. I’m sure that’s still correct to some degree. There will always be that generational gap, but I wonder just how different those experiences really are. I wish Amber had written what she was going to, it would be nice to compare notes.

It’s little moments of clarity like that that make living worthwhile.