So I haven’t blogged in a while. Not really anyway. I know I’ve added some inane things here and there, but I don’t think I’ve done a proper update in a while.

Mom got her job at the farm on a permanent basis, so she’s set for the next seven years, she says. ( I keep forgetting that she’s 58 already and that retirement is only that far away…eesh)

John has started making lunches for work, so he’s not starved by the time he gets home, which is good, because frequently neither of us would feel like cooking, and occasionally we just wouldn’t. How that he’s had lunch, he’s much more awake when he gets home. He brought one of his co-workers home to visit this last weekend, and I think they’ve really hit it off. I’m glad to see that he’s starting to make new friends.

We discussed a reading in first class today that I had done a response paper on, and I decided halfway through the discussion that everyone else in that class is waay smarter than I am. I totally misread the piece and the assignment. *slaps forehead* Duh! At least I did reasonably well on my quiz in Shakepeare. I totally ‘get’ Shakespeare now. I think its because I have read way more now, and that I get more of the language and the in-jokes regarding not only the play, but the stage and the time the play was written. I also had a good moment in poetry class on monday am, even though I was struggling to keep my eyes open. Now I have an essay topic, if there is an essay due in the class of course. I don’t recall if he said there were… *checks her book* oh yeah. There is. There’s always and essay.

Now, I have to figure out why Shannon can’t see my blog in China…