I’ve been contemplating starting a blogroll or somewhat of my favourite blogs, but I think I will have to put that on the back burner until I’ve figured out what the hell it is I am doing with all of my assignments. (This is my between school/homework/work happy reading)

I went and bought the MLA Handbook, which is a style guide that I was told was a MUST for third and fourth year students and have been flipping through it. I can see why it is a must. I can spot four or five things I did wrong on my response paper last week, already. And that’s from memory. My memory has been slightly taxed these last few days, I must admit, so these are fairly glaring mistakes. (Mental Note, I need more post-its for page markers.) I’m kind of worried about the next few essays I have to write. (four to be exact). We had a great discussion in one class today about developing a thesis statement. However, since this part has been largely my weakest part in former essays, I am a little worried that with four essays due within a week of each other, I might get a little more unfocused that usual. I think perhaps that its time I made use of office time with my new professors and discussed my options with them.

I kind of dread going to visit them in their offices. I am reminded of the last time I went to visit Partick Lane about some poetry I was working on. For some reason, talking about my work with him made me cry. I felt so inferior, or so – something. I felt like I was reaching for something I couldn’t quite see. We only had limited time, before the next student was to arrive, so I never felt like I actually got what I needed, no matter how many times I went. It didn’t help that said student was the one student I wanted to stab with something with prongs… However, I must separate this instance from the ones I will have with these teachers. These are not “poets” these are literature professors who know what they are talking about, and perhaps will be able to talk me through the things I have questions about. (I mean really, how easy is it to be articulate about someone else’s thought processes?)

Speaking of poets and literature professors, I was really noticing the difference in my first class this am. I have a class on canadian poetry, and the professor was going through each poem, line by line, and expressing the significance of each word, not only in the context of the poem, but of the sociopolitical temperament of the time it was written, and the personal history of the poet. He actually assumed that the poet was present as the speaker in every poem. I think that is the first thing I was taught not to assume in workshops.

I have more confidence when it comes to poetry, because I know that everyone who reads a poem will have a different insight due to their own interpretation/experience. Literature is different. There is a right answer and a wrong answer, or at least it seems that way. I don’t think that I have totally explored all the theories and contexts that have a bearing on what I am trying to learn. Am blocking in library time for tomorrow and monday just for the purpose of hunting up materials that I need – and perhaps to talk to proffs about things they can recommend for me to read.

Feel a little more organised now. Thanks Blog.