PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.38

1. Christine posted recently about her very first perfume. I remember my first cologne, it was Polo! Well what else would you expect from a kid who grew up in the 80’s? Eventually I moved on to Chaps and then Guess for Men. Ha! Now I don’t wear any. How’s that for progress? What was the first perfume or cologne you wore? Tell me about the memories that come to mind when you think about it/smell it again. Exclamation. Junior high, I remember this very well, because we all started wearing perfume and hairspray and for the first time, changing for gym class was a huge thing. We had salon selectives hairspray that smelled vaguely applish, and then this intense Exclamation stuff that makes my eyes water now. Now all I wear is a body spray, because it’s mild, but makes me not stink.

2.We’ve had a lot of cooler weather here in Oklahoma, it reminds me so much of Fall. Even though it isn’t Autumn, I find myself thinking of fires in the fireplace, taking walks and having a cold nose, and stopping for a flavored coffee on the way in to work. What are some of the best things about Fall? bonfires, Halloween – tho I think mine is going to suck this year – coloured leaves… scarves and sweaters.. and toe socks!

3. I saw an episode of Dr. Phil recently where this good ol’ boy was just breaking his wife down left and right by making fun of her weight and the size of her rear end. I am amazed that men like this exist and are able to remain married. Why do some women put up with men who constantly insult them and/or abuse them? Because of fear. They are afraid that no one else will take them, or ‘love them’ because they feel so bad about themselves.

4. Speaking of that, obviously making fun of a woman’s weight is something that men should know not to ever do. Still, many of us are clueless. What are some things men should never say to women? “Oh honey, please don’t wear that tonight…”

5. I was cleaning out my closet recently and realized I had way too many shoes. There are some I never even wear anymore, but just keep because I have some memory attached to them, kind of silly really. How many pairs of shoes do you have? Is that too many or not enough? Do you keep shoes you know you will never wear again? I’d have to look, but I think at least twenty. And no, its not enough.

6. Another thing I have too many of is Photo Albums. They are everywhere! All shapes and sizes too. But as many as I have, I enjoy looking at other peoples photo albums more. Especially those found by the couch at my grandparent’s house. Every time we’d get together for Thanksgiving or Christmas, we grandkids would pull them out and spend hours laughing and remembering. Did your family keep a lot of photo albums around? Do you like looking at family photo albums? mom was always great with photos. She’s put them all nicely into photo albums and even done some really neat scrapbooking with the kids parties. I love photo albums.

7. I’ve finally got a Friday night off to go out to a movie. You’re coming with, right? Great! I am leaving it all up to you though, you make the plans, who’s going, where to eat, the movie, whatever else later. I’ll be by a 7 to get you, so what’s the plan? Mmmm, Moxies for food and drinkies, then to the theater to catch either Underworld or whatever is there playing that we want to see, then perhaps to the waterfront or a club, depending on the weather, sound good?