Yikes… remind me that $1.50 hiballs aren’t any less alcoholic that regularly priced ones. What can I say, it was cheap night at Evolution this Thursday, so John and I went with a couple of his friends and proceeded to get quite hosed. First time in a long time that I’ve had trouble walking. At least I had fun.

Yesterday, John decided to rent a rug doctor to do our yucky carpets. When I got home from work (yes, I worked!!) at about 6:30 he had the whole living room shoved into the corner and the carpet shampooer going. I felt kind of bad that I didn’t help a whole lot, but mister hangover was just starting to kick in then and I think I’d have hindered more than I helped.

I updated the link to Lindsie’s page, since her provider deleted her page – bastards. (Just so you know, there are some great template pages out there, if you wanted.

Now, my jobs for today are: to finish my essay, and to do some laundry. On that note I am off to money mart to get the appropriate change for the laundry machines. I hate pay laundry.