Was on campus early this morning to get some errands done, and the fog was really pretty. It’s really autumn now. There’s this avenue of trees through the centre of campus and today, because of the fog, it looked like a road into the mist, because you couldn’t see any of the buildings. It was like a road into some sort of netherland or fairy forest. Soo cool.

And then the dew had been collecting on all the spider webs in the shrubs. Now these aren’t the standard run-of-the-mill spiders, these are the ones that make horizontal nest for catching falling bugs, so what it looked like was a series of little silver terraces in the berry bushes. It’s little images like these that make me wish i had a digital camera.

Oh yes, and the neat guy with his dog was at the cafeteria today while I was eating breakfast. that dog charms everyone that walks out of the doors. She covered her face for one of the Japanese exchange students – if her own accord – and the girl was so excited by it. Very cute.