When I was a kid, my grandmother lived in this house on the water. On her property were lots of fruit trees. Three cherry, three pear, four or five apple, and two kinds of plum… not to mention Quince and green gages, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, rhubarb and the like. One of the apple trees was bigger than all the others. It was King apple and grandpa had grafted a MacIntosh branch onto it. It was the best tree to climb, and the best apples on the whole property.

Now, the apples form this tree get huge, and sometimes they had this transparent flesh in it. The transparent flesh, which had a slightly different texture, also had a distinct flavour. it wasn’t gross, in fact it was quite good, but no one knew why it happened in random apples, and sometimes not at all. I found out today. There is a fruit fair on at the mall, and there are displays of all kinds of apples there, and one of the exhibits was a nice group of Kings. So I asked the lady. She said it was called Water Core. Something to do with the tree lacking the calcium required to process water. She said that it was in part due to a shortage of water, and perhaps lime. It was the tree’s attempt to store water against further shortages Neat eh? I wonder if any other apples does that.

Now, I have to call my mother and tell her about it. She’ll be fascinated.