Weekly Wrap-up #77 – Scary Movies

1. Do you like scary movies? Why or why not? I like suspense. I’m not into the blood and gore and make-you-scream type movies. Those ones don’t really make sense to me. They all have the same plot.

2. What was the first scary movie you remember seeing? How old were you? What in that movie scared you the most? I saw one by accident when I was six, there were alligators eating someone, and a torture chamber… haunted me for weeks. So much that I didn’t watch and ‘scary’ movies again until I was about 13. Then I was skeptical enough to endure the silly gory scenes. Watched Friday the 13 or something.

3. How scary is that movie now to you? Why? meh.

4. What scary movie did you not find scary? Why? What scary movie did you find too scary to finish or, if you did finish, bothered you days later? Why? Ghost ship, and Thirteen Ghosts. We borrowed those from a friend, but they were both based on that formula, so J and I were both predicting when the next “scream scene” or “jump moment” was supposed to happen, and betting on which character would die first and how. We were pretty accurate. As for the movie that stuck with me for days after, it was The Ring. Something about it – probably the fact that it was done in greys and muted colours, that there was a kid involved, that there was a kind of backstory that could very well have been real (thought the subsequent take of the movie may not have) – various things, creeped me right out. It was very well done.

5. Select 3-5 scary movies for a Halloween marathon. Why did you pick these titles? If you LIKE being creeped out, watch the Ring. If you want screams, I dunno. Maybe I’m too jaded to recommend screamers.