When I was walking to class this am, it was really cold. You know the kind with the misty breath and where you wish you had earmuffs. I have to go past this hedge every morning, but today I had to pause because there was this buzzing noise. When I looked it was this tiny little green hummingbird. Yes, a hummingbird on a frosty morning getting the last drops of nectar out of the tiny pink buds left on the hedge. He buzzed around from flower to flower and came so close to me I thought she was going to try and land on my scarf. She was quite bold, almost oblivious to me, and no bigger than the palm of my hand from tip to tail with tiny little black eyes and an iridescent body. She made it all seem a little less urgent. Worth it even. It’s moments like that that make it for me these days.

I think it was a female one of these… it would make sense, because this breed is a permanent resident of BC.