PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.47

1. It is a lovely 21 degrees here in Oklahoma, and since walking in from the parking lot, I can’t seem to warm up. I’ve got the coffee to my right and the space heater to the left and the non-functional central heat blowing above me. What do you do to get warm when you are very cold? Two words, John and blankie.

2. What is the first thing you do in the morning after you get up? after I tell John I love him, I go and wash my face.

3. I mentioned earlier in the week that Sub Hunt was one of the first arcade games I ever remember playing. Many years later I would become equally entranced by the Atari 2600 (ugh, I am showing my age now, aren’t I?). Do you remember the very first video game you ever played (arcade, handheld, console, etc.)? What do you remember about that experience? Super Mario brothers. my friend had a nintendo and we spent hours on that thing…

4. Do you have a good memory or do you find that you need to write things down to remember them? I have to write them down, unless they’re useless for everyday life, then I remember no problem.

5. I am currently really getting a kick out of the Citibank Citicard commercials about Identity theft, to the point of quoting them out loud (which no one gets, I really need new some geeky-er friends). What are some of your all-time favorite television commercials? That Ikea one where there is that lamp outside in the rain and that man comes up and says “you feel sorry for the lamp? You crazy!”

6. Since Thanksgiving is this week, I felt like I just had to throw in the obligatory food question, so here goes. Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving food that is made by one person, and no one makes it better? If not, then what is your favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving? (Those who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving feel free to insert your favorite fall food) Turkey baby… and then turkey sandwiches. (even though our Thanksgiving is already long past)

7. Wireless telephone companies will now let you move your cell number to another carrier, or move your land line number to your cell. Not only is this incredibly convenient, it forces cell phone companies to be more competitive. Are you planning to switch cell phone companies as a result of this new law, or possibly pit two companies against each other for a better deal? Meh. Maybe.

BONUS: Where? In the tower where the bells hang silent and the birds hold dominion.