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Dear Santa, I want…
With the holidays fast approaching—and all the holiday sales kicking off in less than a week—children all over the world are writing up their lists for Santa. Sally wants the new Bratz Glamor Playset. Billy wants Hulk and Daredevil action figures. Mary is asking Santa for a diamond tennis bracelet to match her earrings. What’s on your Dear Santa list?

Dear Santa:

This Christmas, aside from being able to have my family dinner, I’d like to have some new clothes and perhaps some money for books. I hardly ever buy myself clothes anymore, because I don’t feel as good about how I look anymore when I’m trying things on. I usually go into a change room, try about a zillion things on, get depressed (either about how much it is compared to my spending margin, or about how much better it looked on the hanger than on me) and buy nothing. For Christmas, I’d like to avoid that scenario, at least partly, by being able to afford a couple of things that I like, rather than things that are necessary. Like those pants I bought last. I want to look nice, rather than just dressed. And it just wouldn’t be Christmas if I couldn’t treat myself to a book of some kind. There are about a zillion reference books out there I’ve been drooling over. Oh yes, and one more thing: I’d like to be able to treat one of my regular customers to a dinner out or something. This time of year is really hard for her, because she only has her husband left, and he doesn’t even know who she is anymore. Usually when I see her she’s just been to see him. I know she goes because she feels she should, and because she loves the old man, but I think it hurts her more than anything to see him that way. I’d like to show her that she does have someone else. That’s all.