I’m reading this a second time, a) because it was a long book and there are parts I don’t remember that I should for the exam and b) because it’s an amazing book.

It was first published in the 20’s and was immediately banned and spent a large number of years in the obscenity courts merely because the protagonist is a lesbian. This is one of two novels this semester that I have read that have involved alternate sexual orientations. The other is Nightwood by Djuna Barnes which was published in 1936.

Well of Lonliness is apparently based loosely on Radclyffe Hall’s own life, as she herself was a lesbian. It was written amidst a whirl of activity that included Freud’s work, and that of Havelock Ellis, whose area of interest was a new science called ‘sexology’, in particular, people of the ‘inverted’ variety, of which the protagonist was one.