MP3 Junkie is at it again
Listening to: Audioslave – Hypnotize, Exploder…

Ugh. Tired. I woke up this morning with one of those ‘still-dreaming’ feelings. You know how it is, when your dream is so damn vivid that you’re not sure that it wasn’t real? Yeah. Like that. ‘Course, it might have been harder to separate if it hadn’t involved being stranded on a tropical island previous to the part before I woke up. I was having this intense conversation with this guy – what about I’m no longer sure – but I remember every detail of his face. He’s no one I know per se, but it was quite interesting how distinct he was. I could probably pick him out of a crowd if he exists.

I got to have lunch with Lindsie today. It was very enjoyable. I do like having lunch with Lindsie. She brought me a Christmas present too. Happy faces from Wally Mart. She’s the queen of fun presents. YAY LINDSIE!! We talked about what we thought about what would happen in our futures… it was kind of nice to know I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do when I grow up.

When we were waiting for the bus I had deja vu… it seems I get longer passages of that these days. I think maybe I should start up my dream diary again.

Yeah, so nothing really to report… no real large thoughts or anything. Just absorbing lots of reading material for class. Will update again when I am more awake.