Listening to: Janet Jackson – If I was Your Woman

Well, not blues, but it sounded good when I was typing it. I’m not sure I like having such huge breaks between classes, because there’s not really enough time to get anything started and finished before you have to pack up and head off to the next one. Three hour break today, just enough time to get home, eat and watch an episode of something. With busses it gives me about two hours at home, which, if I were into doing some real studying, would not be enough to actually arrive somewhere. It’s the five hour one on Tues. That’s the one that irks me most, because I get home, get started on something and then realise I only have so much time to hoof it back to school.

Happy Birthday!
listening to: Blue Man Group and Esthero – White Rabbit

It’s My mom’s Birthday today. This is the first time that we’ve not got together because our schedules conflict. Kind of sad about that, but I know that we’ll get together at some point before the month is out.

Correspondance Queen

I wrote letters yesterday. Hopefully I remember to send them. I am such a Hare-brain.