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I Can’t Wait For Friday

Why you ask? Cuz John’ll be home. I’m hoping that he’ll be in a ‘creative’ mood. đŸ˜‰

Writer’s Groove

I just reread the bulk of what I have written for my big story (I hesitate to call it a novel just yet) and I am excited about it again. I like when that happens. I shall write more tomorrow when I have done my homework. I’m hoping that HIWTHI will take off again before I get discouraged. I’ve left it for about six months this time. It was necessary to get some distance though.

Am thinking that I will change my double major into a major/minor. That means I’ll have a minor in Creative Writing. Seems the main reason I didn’t get into the final workshop had to do with the fact that my grade for the previous workshops were not up to snuff. Since it’s unlikely that I will take another level three workshop, I think it’s better for me to just forget it. I don’t need a degree to tell me I’m a writer anyway. They may think I suck, but I think I just need some work. I’m not aged to perfection yet. This might cut down on how much longer I have to be in school. We shall see.