listening to Riva ft. Danni Minogue – Who Do you Love Now?

My honey’s home. *warm fuzzies*

Had a strange day at work. It was really busy, lots of people buying tons of things, but the store total never went anywhere, because everything was really really cheap. Had to stick around and wait while Gail closed. She’s getting better, and she would have done even better this pm if her boyfriend hadn’t shown up. I hate him. You know how people just give you the creeps just be breathing? He’s one of those. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. It’s not like he’s even said a wrong word to me, there’s just something that bugs the hell out of me. *shrug* who knows.

Had one of our little strange oldies come in today. Poor lady must have been doing her make-up the same way for so long that she doesn’t realise that it looks totally awful. She draws her eyebrows on halfway up her forehead so that she looks perpetually surprised. Then, the eyeshadow goes all the way up to her artificial set of eyebrows. Next, is the blush, which starts where it should, but then goes all the way to her ears, and is bright pink. Her hair is this major back combing job, and it’s been dyed orange so many times it looks like she does it with Koolaid now. I think that the only thing that she doesn’t overdo is her lips. She looks like a shocked Drag Queen. Is it terrible that I have a hard time taking her seriously? Am I a horrible person?