Memories of Grade Two

Mom was just telling me a story about inventory time at the farm. The farm is a place for people to go who have disabilities of one form or another, to learn life skills and such. Mom’s in charge of the store, and she has different ‘helpers’ every day. On this day she had several people helping with the obligatory yearly inventory. When she was given one of the lists, there was a little descrepency, which she loved:

Sizzers: 10 pairs.

Of course, this reminded me of grade two, when we were all learning the basics of spelling. Having learned how to read much faster than some of my classmates, spelling was a bit of a no-brainer to me, and I had already earned the nickname of Encyclopedia Head, or something to that effect. So when Mrs. Hanky had written the word ‘scissors’ on the board, I knew what it was and immediately raised my hand to answer her question. To my dismay, I pronounced the ‘c’. (This, of course was due to my mother and I having made a joke out of the word earlier in the year by deliberately pronouncing it the c… as we did with other wierd english words with redundant silent letters.) Of course, the entire class burst into laughter, after that lovely little pause where I felt my cheeks go bright red.

Sizzers makes so much more sense, doesn’t it?