listening to Conjure One – Centre of the Sun

nicely sleepy today, and I even had a pleasant day at work. it helps whenI work with the crazy people. Saw mom today, briefly, when she flew through the mall with her girls. They came and spent the night in Victoria and played tourist. The four of them have so much fun. I hope I have three nutty friends like that when I’m her age.

John brought another desk home yesterday, so that Mom can have hers back. That’s the upside to him having a moving job – he gets free stuff, esp when people don’t want things. Of course, this means that for now we have an extra desk, which can amke things a little awkward navigation-wise. *shrug* And it’s another flat surface for us to clutter up. Lol.

We even cleaned the Iguana’s cage today. Hermes wasn’t pleased to have us in there with him. It would be nice if we could handle him, but neither of us have had the time to do it regularly and properly. This is why we’re taking him down to the pets store this week – the people there said that they had a couple looking for an adult Iguana, so hopefully they will eb interested in him. I’d like him to have a real reptile loving family who have the vast amounts of time we don’t have for him. At least he doesn’t flip out with us just moving in the room anymore. He’s come such a long way from when we first had him. Apparently Hermes got out yesterday. Seems I didn’t latch the door properly, so he got loose and ran all over the house with John chasing him. Oops. At least he got some exercise!

I’m procrastinating about homework again. Isn’t that awful? I should just DO the stupid stuff – but I keep getting sidetracked Bah. I’ll be back later.