listening to Conjure One – Centre of the Sun

K. Feeling pmsy like you won’t believe. I am so glad that it’s March, and I can leave the nasty vibe of February behind. I was even able to go outside without my heavy coat on today. That was cool. However, everything else about this day totally sucked.

Today is one of those days that I should have just rolled over and gone back to sleep. It would have been far more pleasant for me, and for everyone else.

First off, J decided that it was time to move the Iguana. It took until I got back from school for anything to happen despite the fact that he said he’d do it first thing. (Normally this is something I just accept as a regular quirk in J’s character, but today my hormones are raging, so nothing is accept-able) Hermes was not happy about being caught, but it looks like he is now in good hands. I was feeling guilty for not having the amount of time necessary to make him into a more amiable and happy critter. But even despite that, I’m sad. I really do have a soft spot for the lizard in my heart after all. He is quite a beautiful critter. I hope someone will take him home and enjoy him as much, if not more than we did.

Then I noticed that Houdini wasn’t feeling well again. When the guinea pig is lying on his side in this cage, it’s usually not a good sign. So i picked him up and cleaned him off, and warmed him up a bit. I think he got a chill from the open door – he is after all, getting on in guinea pig years. His eyes were clear though, and his breathing was fine. When I put him back in his cage, he tottered into his box and snuggled down in the back. Just a few minutes ago he even ate some celery greens, so he’s a bit better than he was earlier. He’s my little old man. I always feel bad when they get to this point – where things are starting to not work right, but I can’t do anything about it. Knowing how stubborn he is though, he’ll truck on for some time yet – as long as he gets his carrot every now and then.

Then, it was time to do laundry, and somehow I got foxed into doing it instead of my homework. (Crap! I have an in-class essay tomorrow…) I think it’s partly because I’m so picky about my cotton tops and the drier – as in, they don’t go in it. That, combined with my cranky pms-y mood. And perhaps even the fact that I had to go all the way downtown for freaking change instead of the moneymart on the corner. (They were out of change…*gasp*) – I at least got a visit to the library out of it.

Also, with a third person in the house (yes, we have a roommate) there is absolutely no place for me to retreat into quiet to do my homework, which is essential at this time of the month more than any other time. For that to happen, it requires he and J to be in the same space, and me in a different one. (or John on one comp totally absorbed in his game, because I’m used to him) ‘Course, this creates a little bit of a dilemma regarding the computers, as mine is the one that isn’t in constant use. Jeremy, our new roommate, is addicted to msn chat, and lavalife. Yep, you guessed it, he’s single and looking very hard for a new S.O. Therefore, he wants computer time as well, and he seems to have a hard time entertaining himself when he’s not on it. Maybe I’m just over sensitive to his presence at this point, but I’m sure he hovers. It feels like he hovers. Even if he isn’t hovering, I’ve come across him sitting in the living room staring blankly at the wall.

(Ok, ok, there’s nothing wrong with the guy at all. In fact he seems perfectly nice and pleasant. This is just me being unprepared for the advent of a roommate and the necessary adjustments required!)

Anyway, me being my nasty bull-headed Taurus self, of course, am feeling a tiny bit (ok, maybe a little more than a little bit) bent over the invasion of my space. I think it will all be better once he’s not sleeping in the living room and he’s got his own freaking computer. Gawd knows there are enough desks in this house for that to be an easily solved problem. Yes, J brought two home these last couple of weeks.

Also, this thing with my eyes hasn’t really left my mind. I’m paranoid now about what might set my eye to fogging or flashing. Stupid migraine. Stupid paranoia.

And no money until Friday also sucks.

My good news of the day: apparently I’m cute when I growl at John, which makes him smile, which makes me smile… and I get to have lunch with Lindsie on Thursday. YAY!!! Well. I’ll probably be having a glass of water unless I was sneaky and hoarded a fiver somewhere for a week such as this. (I doubt it, but I’ll find out tomorrow)