I came home from classes today to a clean house. It was very nice. Apparently it took Jeremy nearly three hours to do all the dishes. Except the chicken pan that John did. I am impressed though. I did the bathroom yesterday, from ceiling to floor, so that it sparkles, so I guess I must have inspired the cleaning bug.

I had lunch with Lindsie today. It was very pleasant. I enjoy my lunches with her, I really do.

I have school, and work tomorrow, and no money. I just checked. I hate how I never seem to keep much of it. I hate making only minimum wage, I’m worth so much more. Problem is, where do I look? I have to look soon, because I can’t take the retail anymore. I can’t take the fact that I’m expected to dress in the clothes when I barely make enough to support myself. It’s idiotic. I was told that I have to purchase an ‘outfit’ of current spring fashion. Even at half price I’m shelling out nearly a hundred bucks for the “three pieces” I’m supposed to have. Not to mention that the waistlines in the pants come up under my boobs. Seems most women have longer bodies than I do, and I have no desire to dress like an older woman yet anyway. This is partly why I’m taking this career course. I need to figure out something I can do that’s not so lame.

Have discovered that the roommate is very, shall we say determined to find himself a woman. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘slow’. The last chick he brought home couldn’t get out of here fast enough. *erg*