Mph… early.

It’s been an odd week. There were eight separate “unknown caller” calls on our call display. Leave a message dammit, otherwise I won’t know who it was. Had strange people at work, and even stranger ones at school. One of the girls in my Monday class shopped all her hair off, and then it looks like she swam in a chlorinated pool, because her hair turned that yucky green that happens to blondes in chlorine. Roommate has found himself a girlfriend…

I haven’t done any homework in the past three days because there’s no real place to sit and work unless the roommate is not here. Looks like I am going to have to break out the library time and the shut-up sign. I have a sign, I just made it. It says: ‘don’t talk to me if you want to keep your lips, I’m studying’. John knows that talking to me while I’m trying to read my homewrok books or whatever, is a bad idea. Roommate hasn’t figured out that yet. I still haven’t flipped out, you see. I’ve tried asking nicely. Sigh.

I want to sleep in.

Lindsie: Lunch on thurs maybe?