listening to Foxy Brown ft. Kelis – Candy

Feeling quite apathetic today.

I went to class this am feeling quite groggy even after the shower I had. The boys were up and getting ready for a day of moving too, so I was relegated from my computer and from my usual morning routine of checking everyone’s pages and my email. I understand now that neither of them understand how important my routine is. Now that I’m home from work, I’ve got the last part of my routine. I’m usually good if I can have at least part of it in a day.

Took copious notes in Shakespeare class again. I love how enthusiastic Dr. Jenstad is. She knows her renaissance inside out, and she make me think that that’s what I’d like to do – but then I don’t know if I have the drive to specialize in anything – I like knowing everything I can about anything too much. Anyway, her classes have made Shakespeare come alive in a way that no other professor has managed to do so far, and for that I’m very appreciative.

My next move has been on my mind quite a bit lately, and I’m a little frustrated about the whole thing. I’ve been taking a career counselling workshop with a few other students, and it’s been a bit insightful about my personality – which is what they push as a major determining factor for what we should think about going for. Problem is, the results have come up the same as the ones I had previously thought about. And here I wanted to try and avoid more schooling. I guess I should just buck up and start researching possibilities. I guess what I really wanted was for them to hand me a glorious solution to my career-goal apathy. I should know by now that the world works only if you make it work.

Anyway, I’ve decided that this summer, I am going to look for something that is not retail in nature for work. If I can manage it, I’d like to try a job-shadow type thing in a place like the sylvan learning center. I’ve also decided that I might try my hand at writing a harlequin romance. I checked out their website today. It’s a little more diverse than their common pigeon-hole, though still far from high fiction. However, I’m not about to be picky at this point.

John’s down at the dart-a-thon tonight. He took Jeremy with him. That ought to turn out interesting.

I should really get back to my essay, but my apathy is making it really hard to concentrate on that, or really anything for very long. If only I could just make a bloody decision.