hehe, she’s the birthday girl today, yessirreebob… and yes. I’ve had caffeine, in the form of the most wonderful chocolate bar known to humankind. They’re called Kinder Bueno. Yummilicious hazelnutty goodness. My new addiction. I went to four different stores to find one again today. They come like Twix do, two little mini bars in one package, but each is wrapped eperately so you can save one for later, as if you possibly could. If you like Ferrero Rocher, this is the candy for you! YUM!

In other news, I’m playing escapism, and they’ve changed my blogger again. Just when I am realising how set I am in my ways, and how irked I get when my routine is disrupted, they change my blogger. (Ok, so I’m exaggerating, but it’s really interesting to me how the little things to bug me, when they really really shouldn’t)

Mmm. Want another chocolate bar. =)