In the spirit of this blog I should perhaps tell you about my latest “best” customer of the day:

This couple comes in, and they start looking for clothes. Seems the woman is merely at the mercy of her man, because he’s bellowing out orders left right and centre and she just takes it. Like she has no will to say whether she really likes what he’s picking out for her or not. I want to tell her to get some balls. Then it comes to this sweater, in which we do not have her size. He wants me to order it special from head office. K, number one, chances are the warehouse wouldn’t have it anymore anyway, b) we can’t special order from the warehouse, and by gawd, we can’t call out-of-province long distance without a damn good reason. So I call Nanaimo. Nanaimo has it and I get the approval from the DM, yadda yadda. Woman calls last night, all mad because I haven’t called her yet, and I say, sorry, I’ve not called, because it’s not here yet. then she gets all huffy and says she thought she’d told me (not asked) that she wanted it sent to the store in broadmead. I tell her politely that I don’t recall that. Then, chippy chippy, Nanaimo has sent the wrong size. Yeah. guess what I get to fix tomorrow.