So I know I’ve not posted a real blog in a long time. I think this is the first time that I have actually had just, a day to myself, with absolutely nothing planned. Except laundry. That was a must.

Dipshit the roommate has moved out. And taken a couple of CD’s if I’m not mistaken. Stupid runt.

We now have a new roommate though. I rearranged the house so that this one can have a bedroom. I was sick of having some interloper sleeping on the couch. (Truth is I wasn’t really wanting to have a roomie, but things have dictated the necessity to either do this or move to a one-bedroom) This one bathes. Score one for this guy. Score two, he keeps pretty much to himself and isn’t trying to be my “buddy”.

I am also very done with my exams. I haven’t got my marks back yet, but I’m not anxious. I know I passed, and at this point that’s really all I care about.

I have a letter to write to my cousin that’s not going to be terribly easy. He asked about one of my dads. Ok, that sounds weird. Lemme explain. First of all, I’m adopted, so there is a father I do not know. Second is the man my mother was married to when I was adopted. Third was the man she married after she divorced the first one. Number three was out of the picture before I was five, mainly because he was an alcoholic. I’ve been asked if I ever speak to this man. I don’t, but it has less to do with his alcoholism and more to do with the fact that I don’t remember him. Kind of hard, when said cousin is trying to find out about recovering alcoholics. hrm…

Also have been writing and have feeling good about it. I’ve not written anything un-essay related for a few months now.

Now that I have exams and all that stress out of the way, I can breathe again. I was feeling quite claustrophobic and hemmed in with all of the things I had to do – and all the things I felt guilty for not doing because I was doing other things, like studying… my gawd the house looked like a sty… and I was hard pressed not to flip out at the boys for not pitching in, and to not do it myself when I should be studying or writing a paper.

Needless to say that cost me what meagre social life I have for over a month…

Oh well. I went to Rachel’s place Tuesday, and then she came here. Tomorrow I have a coffee date with Jenn, and I hope to have a lunch date with the Lindsie-nator sometime next week when she’s back from Drunken Duncan…

Seems I have a little more of my energy back too, which is nice. I think that has a lot to do with the weather being on an upward and warmer curve. However, more energy aside, I’m still not looking forward to the inevitable bathing suit shopping that will have to take place this year if I’m going to be going to the pool. *shivers* That’s never a fun prospect.