OK. Ok.

I know I’ve not posted on a regular basis for a little while. I’ve been feeling the crunch a little bit lately. Work. School. Life. Don’t really have it all figured out, but I do feel a little better, though not 100% just yet. It’s hard when you can’t really see what you’re working towards. This year marks my last for my english/writing degree, but now that I have it, what do I so with it? You know what I mean? This has been my goal for so long it’s hard to figure out where to go next. Logic says that I should continue in school and become a teacher. Yes, this is something I think I’d like to do, but how do you know? Really? I think this is the root of my little existential crisis. I mean, this is supposed to be how I choose my career. That thing that’s supposed to define the rest of my life. At the same time I’m worrying about it, I’m resenting the fact that something to intangible can have so much power over me.

Either way, the end result is that I’ve neglected just about everything else in my life. From my freinds and from my writing. For this I apologize.