Genre: Young Adult
Year: 1982

I’ve not read much since I finished the mind-blowing trilogy of Carey’s. I did however read some old faves from when I was a young teen. (There are many more young adult novels available now, so I kind of feel gypped – but the ones I did read definitely stuck with me.) This time, it was the Darkangel Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce, and the Narnia series.

I’m interested to report that I loved Darkangel just as much as I did last time. I’m also pleased to see that Pierce has also finished the other trilogy I never finished, so perhaps, if I find that at the library I will read it as well. (The Firebringer Series) On the other hand, C.S. Lewis didn’t hold up very well at all. I found it too didactic for my tastes. I never realized how much this was so before now. The symbols were blatant, the lessons were overstated and everything was either good or evil. In Darkangel, there was the idea that a seed of good can still be found in the heart of something evil, and that it can be redeemed – there was choice. I guess I just don’t like being dictated to in a children’s book.

The diction in the Darkangel series is simple and easily followed, which makes for a nice light fairy-tale like read. However, this tale is far more in the tradition of older fairy tales, as the heroine must make tough decisions in order to succeed in her quest, which is to free the person she loves from a dark enchantment. her courage takes her through deserts and mountains and under them. The main character, Aerial has a unique vision of the world, and because of it manages to change it for the better. She finds help along the way in many magical ways and from many interesting figures.

The series includes: “The Darkangel“, “A Gathering of Gargoyles” and “The Pearl of the Soul of the World