Wednesday Mind Hump – Week 26M

Today is Chocolate Day (be still my heart)! , commemorating the introduction of chocolate in Europe in the year 1550! In honor of this beloved day, and to get us all in hump mode, using the letters C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E , tell a little about yourself. Ok! Are you all hungry for more?? Here we go!

C: Considerate
H: Heavenly… lol, NOT. Just Herself
O: obsessed with writing
C: Clever, though frequently I lack quickness.
O: Optimistic. Yeah, in spite of everything I’m an optimist.
L: Live in my head
A: Actor – as in, I have my work self and my real self.
T: Thoughtful
E: Emotional

This weeks hump will be a dozen of ” I say ____, you think ____”….

01. bust: marble man
02. cream: cheese
03. kisses: long and deep and sweet
04. elbow: sore
05. shopping: spree in a bookstore
06. snap: shots
07. brush: stroke
08. serve: bring me drinks
09. under: cover
10. bubble: bath… now I want one
11. race: track… bah
12. banana: split… mmm ice cream

For extra fun, hump away with this: The Guess-A-Hump!!

…but this week let’s give it a new twist!

Think of an item … But this week let’s not make it just any item, but an item you can find in your kitchen!

…don’t tell us what the item is. Now, describe that item in a brief paragraph (the size, the color, etc) but don’t give it away. Okay, now you’re ready to hump it up! Replace the name of the item with the word “hump”. Other players will come to your blog and try to guess what your hump is. Tomorrow morning, add the answer to your hump and for big fun add a picture. If you don’t have a camera do a Google image search.

here’s my guess-a-hump: I have four of my hump, though most people only have one. My hump is flat on one end. My hump can be made of plastic or metal and plastic. I’ve melted one of my humps while making breakfast because I left it where I shouldn’t have.