Friday Fiver

1. Do you own a wristwatch? Describe. I have three right now. All are silver, one has a blue face and doesn’t work, one has a black face and is hiding somewhere in my room and I can’t find it, and the other has a lavender face. I like them all. =)

2. How old were in you 1997? I turned 18

3. Which is more important – financial success or personal happiness? Personal happiness. Secondary to that comes financial stability

4. Can you whistle? Yes. Though not as well as I did when I was a kid and did it to annoy my mom.

5. Do you believe in the supernatural? Yes. Both my mother and I see ghosts. We also have a kind of psychic connection (All I have to do is think: call me mom, and invariably before the day is over, she calls… and vice versa) I also believe that the way we perceive the world can affect reality. Chew on that one, =)