The Friday Five

1) Do you remember your first kiss? Yes.
2) How old were you when you had your first kiss? I know that my first ‘real’ kiss happened when I was seventeen. Yes. I was a late bloomer, always have been. ;)However, I seem to have a vague recollection of being kissed when I was about six or seven by one of the boys whose mom looked after me after school. Oh yes, and the ‘almost’ kiss that happened when I was about 15 with the neighbour’s grandson. That’s a slightly embarrassing story too.
3) Where did your first kiss occur? It was Ryan, in the hallway at high school, by my locker. One of those awkward moments where I wasn’t totally sure what he was doing until his lips were on mine. Not totally unpleasant, but not the best as far as first kisses could go.
4)Where do you think is the most romantic place to exchange a kiss? (locations, not body parts) On the beach. Though anywhere is pretty good if the situation and mood are right.
5) What type of kisser are you? (peck, smooch, French, sloppy, etc.) Depends on the moment. =)