Monday Music Mambo – Week 16

It’s that time again. It’s time to dance the Mambo. Are you wacky enough to dance it with us? I bet you are!

I’m going to get us warmed up with a little “I say…You think…” musical style.

dance: the night away
club: techno
saturday night: fever!! LOL
strobe: light
boogie: jon arbuckle
fever: -ish
jazz: clarinet and saxaphone
chorus: choir, greek plays

Now it’s time to get the Mambo on. Are you all ready?

1. Have you ever done any line dances like the electric slide or the Macarena? Not since we were being taught all the line dances in school. Electric Slide, Slap leather… *shivers*

2. Do you like to dance? Very much so

3. Where’s your favorite place to dance? Somewhere where there are other people dancing, but not too many so that you can’t move. Or my living room…

4. When you dance, what’s your favorite kind of music to dance to? Anything that has a decent beat to it. (unless it’s more rap than music.)

5. What one dance best describes your personality? Flamenco