Wednesday Mind Hump – Week 29

Yippee! It’s Hump Day! Let’s skip the fries and party our buns off in celebration of Hamburger Day commemorating the creation of the hamburger in 1900 by Louis Lassing. (I did not know this. Learn something new everyday)

Loonies and Loonettes — start your engines and let’s warm-up for the hump. For this warm-up, put your humility away and using the letters H-A-M-B-U-R-G-E-R reveal to us nine wonderful things about you.

H Honest about what I think and feel
A Ability to intuit the best path for myself
M Mind full of useless facts. Lots of ’em
B Brain moves slowly, but thoroughly
U Usually quite nutty, unless its a bad day. Don’t have too many of those though.
R Realistic. Maybe to the point of cynicism sometimes.
G Great with words. Gimme an hour and I can think up something witty
E Easy-going about the things I can’t fix
R Reliable friend

This week let’s do a getting-to-know-you-hump mixed with some cwaziness to make it a fun hump too. Ready? Hump it! OK!

01. You have opened a fast food joint that features YOUR favorite food prepared in many different forms. What would the name of your joint be? List several things that would be on the menu. Nacho Barn. Everything from plain cheese nachos to everything under the sun nachos.

02. You are holding a public auction for all your belongings … what is the oddest or silliest item that would be on the auction block? either my smiley face collection, or my kinder-suprise toy collection

03. If you could buy “instant anything” what would it produce when you just add water? Instant motivation. Got lazy people doing nothing? Give them a dose of instant motivation and a glass of water and watch what gets done! Feeling a little behind, but having trouble getting in gear? Try instant motivation, LOL

04. If it were possible to miniaturize any sort of environment and keep it in an aquarium-like enclosure, what type of environment would it be and what sort of creatures would you keep in it? My beach. Complete with all the fun sea creatures. I already have a mini beach, that my cousin made for me. It’s one of my favourite things.

05. If you were offered a “Get Out of Jail Free” type of card today (i.e. magically fix something, get out of doing something, etc…) what would the card be for? How about magically erasing all of my student debt? That would be absolutely SUPER!!