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I play an online game(Asheron’s Call) – one that is international, as in, people from all over the world play it. Naturally, where one is from comes up in conversation after a while. What irks me is the absolute ignorance of those few people from the states who will tell me what state they’re from rather than what country first. This tells me that they assume that the US is the centre of the world and that if you don’t know where say Nebraska is, you’re an idiot. (And then be offended when I have to tell them that British Columbia isn’t in South America. I kid you not.) Granted, most of us do know where Nebraska is, at least generally, but for once, I’d like to come across someone who doesn’t think that the States is the centre of the universe and make no effort to know anything about the geography of their closest neighbours. And no, Canada is not a state!

Ok, now that I’m done. You must realize, of course that this isn’t a generalization of all Americans. That would make me no better than those I just ranted about, would it? I’m sure there are people in every country that are just as egocentric (Is Natio-centric a word? LOL) without even realizing that this is what they’re doing.