So I went to visit the mother dear on Sunday and I came back today. We had a pleasant day farting around on the beach. We picnicked and then swam in the bay. I *love* my beach. I feel so much better for having floated around in the water for an hour or so. I miss it so!!

I’ve decided, after swimming around in shorts and a tank top yesterday, that purchasing a bathing suit is a necessity. Of course I think getting into the habit of doing some sit-ups. I’m not fat, I just have no stomach muscles, which was evident when I was swimming this weekend.

Today we harvested some tomatoes, potatoes and a zucchini from her garden. We also ate some blackberries. She’s got a blackberry vine trained up the back fence and she’s going to keep it pruned so it doesn’t go rampant like they normally do. Blackberries are my favourite. They evoke so many memories of growing up, it’s great. Just fantabulous!

There are people sitting on the lawn outside of our building. People use this lawn for sitting like it were a park. Is it wrong that I be a leetle bit bothered by this? I don’t think so. not when they let their dog come onto our deck and scare the crap out of my kitties who spend most of their day at the screen door waiting for the resident squirrel to make an appearance, or that one of the birds will somehow find a way to get in. Times like this I feel bad that they are indoor kitties, but we;re so close to the road in this apartment, I don’t to risk them getting hit by a car or beaten up by the resident raccoon family. Actually I doubt Cinder would care to be outdoors. It’s the ninny, Kitten, who I’d worry about. A few cells short of a full cat that one, but I love her to bits.