Music Mambo – Week 20

The dancing dude told me he needed the week off, so this week we have a dancing bear to shake it across the blog.

Music evokes many emotions in people and can affect your moods in many ways. That’s the subject of this weeks Music Mambo. So to get started let’s do something a little wacky. Using the letters E-M-O-T-I-O-N, tell us how music affects you on an emotional level. You can use song lyrics, poetry…anything you want. Oh and since there are so many vowels, the letters don’t always have to be the first letter of the world. Just bold that letter…and have fun!

EEnergetic – Born too slow – the Crystal Method, Juke Joint Jezebel – KMFDM

MMoody – Fall Away – My Brilliant Beast, Trampoline – the Wild Strawberries

OOptimistic – meant to Live – Switchfoot

T – creaTive – Sanctuary – Annette Ducharme, Tourniquet – Evanescence

IIntuitive – Delerium’s older music, mostly ambient sans lyrics

O – hOpeful – So Far so Good – Thornley

N – eNtangled with memories (Songs always trigger memories for me)- Harder to Breathe – Maroon 5, Heaven Falling Down – The Tea Party, Satellite – BT, Bittersweet symphony – The Verve, Haunted – Poe, Like a Stone – Audioslave

Now are you ready to mambo? The bear is..that’s for sure.

This week, since we’re on a mood/emotion theme, I’m going to list some moods and you tell us the song that makes you feel that way or makes you think of that emotion.

Are you ready to mambo? Good, then let’s get dancing!

Happy: my Friend – Groove Armada

Sad: Portishead – Sour Times, In the Air Tonight – Holly McNarland’s version

Angry: Whisper – Evanescence, Last resort – Papa Roach

Amorous: Strict Machine – Goldfrapp, Pure Morning – Placebo

Dreamy: Teardrop – Massive Attack, Duende – Delerium, Damascus – Conjure One (It;s too short though!)

Freaked: (the thought of eminem and britney spears singing a duet)

Independent: I Love myself today – Bif Naked, Under the Water – Jewel’s Version

Misunderstood: Save Me – The Tea Party