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I’m a bad girl. I haven’t really updated much lately.

It’s been sooo hot. I think Tuesday was the worst. I walked to work, which is usually ok, but I guess because it was so close to noon, it was so bleeding hot that by the time I got there, I think my brain had fried. I did stupid things all shift, and then I got to go home. I’m still not sure my brain’s recovered. I find my memory has been the shits since this heat started.

Yesterday, there was a rear-ender outside of our apartment. Two ambulances, tow trucks, the whole shebang. I was reminded of those stupid pictures where people bring out lawn chairs to watch cleanup crews after a highway pile-up. There were people staring from all over the place. I was more intrigued by them than by what had gone “scree-CRASH” outside our window that made the cats growl.

I have to go up to the “City of Totems” tomorrow to attend an obligatory family birthday party. At least I only have to endure one bus ride. I get to have a ride from Cousin J tomorrow. Much more pleasant!! I might even get to visit my beach.

I’m almost done watching all my episodes of Alias. I want season four to come out. Actually, what I want is for some lovely person to buy me season 2 and 3 on dvd so I don’t ever have to fart around downloading them again. LOL Yeah right. In my dreams.

In other news: I just found out that the store I work in is moving. Yes, that’s right. Within the same mall, but into a larger space. This is supposed to happen the same week I go back to the Uni, and the same week that the bosslady has to move house. Nice, huh?

I’m eating watermelon. I found a BLACK SEED!!! YAY!! I hate that they started breeding watermelons to be ‘seedless’ with those stupid little white seeds. I miss spitting the seeds outside. It used to be a highlight of my childhood. It makes me sad that MY kids might not get that pleasure. (Hey Dan, remember trying to hit your little brother from your deck with them? Hehe)