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I enjoyed my weekend in “the hole”. Rather, I should say, I enjoyed my weekend on the edge of ‘the hole’ because I wasn’t really in Duncan much at all. Friday afternoon I caught a ride with Cousin J. That was much more pleasant than having to endure the hour and 30+ bus ride upisland with whatever BO inclined vacationers there might have been. Hrm. That might have been a bit catty. Anyway, we chatted and then we met with her hubby and my mother at the Rock Cod Cafe. We all had some ‘Fishy Bits’ appies and shared a plate of fries. There was more fish in the appy than in the fish and chips meal. Not to mention that there was halibut and cod in the appy, rather than just one kind. Very yummy. THEN we went to “the Udder Guy’s” ice cream shop and had some real YUMMY ice cream. I had the wild blackberry flavour. All their ice cream is home made and organic. Mmmm.

Next morning, mom went to work early, so I puttered, then went to visit Auntie J for a bit. After that I went to the beach. Ahh, my beach.

I walked down mackenzie beach side of the bay first to check out the tide pools. I saw a Doe and her two fawns on the beach checking things out too. Then I went back the other way to my favourite swimming spot. I sat on the steps someone has made and waited for the tide to come in, which it was doing with some vigour. The little crabby people like this:

that live in the rocks and such around there came to investigate my feet. Most of them thought the hard skin I’ve got on my heels was a tasty treat. It was really fascinating to watch them that I got carried away and got a sunburn on my back. Anyway, I went in and swam like my little fishy self for a good three hours or so. I found a moon snail egg case. They’ve always fascinated me.

Also found a huge deader jellyfish, and got chased by a herd of bullheads. Soo much fun. No. I’ve not grown up. Don’t ever intend on it either.

After my adventure on the beach, I trudged up the hill, had a shower, and then popped over to Auntie J’s place to catch a ride to the Gillam Farm for the family birthday. Both the boys enjoyed their gifts. Mom showed up a little later. B took me to see the cows and the piggies in the little trailer he has on the back of his quad. K and K must be so proud to have such hardworking and outgoing kids. I helped one of the kids of K and K’s friends pick blackberries and played with the three cats that were romping around. R spent most of his time trying out his new toys. Don’t blame him. it’s not every day one turns nine and gets a new bike and a skateboard. The old dog, Kody-Bear spent most of his time chasing rocks, which seem to be his favourite toys, and getting belly rubs from whoever got close enough. Got lots of hugs and also some hugs and invites to pass along to John. Kim said I had to bring John next time, cuz she thinks he’s the cats meow. Nice to have a vote of confidence from the family.

All in all it was a good trip upisland. 😉