Wednesday Mind Hump – Week 32

Greetings Humpers and Humpettes

We are smack in the middle of National Friendship Week which occurs annually during the third week of August. What better way to warm up for the Mind Hump than by bragging on our friends — after all, we are all about sharing the love. Using the letters F-R-I-E-N-D list six qualities that your best friend possesses.

Forthright in opinions and feelings


Insane in some delicious degree


Not afraid to express anything and not overly “sensitive” when I do the same or make a reasonable request.

Down to earth

This week let’s have some fun with free association or “I say ___, you think ___.” Using the following words respond with your first thought. You can respond with one word, a sentence, or just babble like crazy! Ready? Do the Humpty Hump!

01. protection – Massive Attack (good song)

02. twist – Goldfrapp (another good song)

03. furry – My furry babies

04. buck – the system

05. purple – pen

06 wave – swimming at my beach

07. flash – bulb

08. pokey – hokey pokey

09. neon – lights spattered on the windshield like pieces of the night (Quote from Tanith Lee)

10. elastic – rubber

11. chips – and dip

12. float – mmm. ice cream