Well, I’m back.

I’ve been sick. Also braindead. For the record, I’m still tired and a little achy, and my brain is still functioning at less than fantastic speeds.

I’ve discovered that the move I found out about in regards to my store was only partial information. The new space we’re moving in to is a temporary space. Our original store space is getting revamped, and expanded, get this: into the Alia space. The girls from Tan Jay and Alia think that their store is getting expanded and amalgamated into that slot because we’re moving. They think this because their less than wonderful management hasn’t felt the need to inform them about what’s really happening. I am so glad that I do not work for that company anymore. Of course, this monday is when we get a whole new collection. That’s 50 boxes of stock four days before we’re scheduled to move into the temporary space, which has no wall units to hang or fold anything on. Charming, no?

In other news, I got my paperwork from the gov about my student loan and it seems that I am financially set so far as tuition and books go… it’s just too bad that none of it ended up being grant material. I liked it when there was that possibility. Sigh. In a perfect world.

Been attempting to write on the off chance that I get into the last class I need to grad. I’m still number 6 on the waitlist. I really want in. I lament my ability to write these days. I get too distracted. In a perfect world I’d have my own room for writing and such. LOL. Right. I just have to learn how to function while in the most high traffic place in the house.

Not much else to report at this point, except for the fact that I really have no life.