Music Mambo – Week 23

Too all the kidlets out there in Mamboland, Happy Mambo Day! After all, everyday is a Mambo Day in Mamboland. But before you think that the Moodylady is off her Mamboing Rocker..

August 29, 1966 was the day the Beatles played their last concert in Candlestick Park. And since it’s the end of August, it’s time to wrap up the summer concerts.

So for a warm up let’s take the letters C-O-N-C-E-R-T and being as crazy and creative as you can, tell us how you feel about live concerts, what you love and what you hate about them. Tell us how you really feel!!

C – Calmer than most people. It takes real talent to be good Live. bif Naked is very good, live.
O – Optimistic. I like to enjoy myself, and I look forward to seeing what people have planned for their stage shows.
N – Noisy commentary. I hate when people talk about how bad or good the people on stage are, when they’re still on stage.
C – Clapping makes my hands sore
E – Energetic. I get all dancy and excited
R – Rock – I like to sing along and generally “rock out” as they say.
T – toe-tapping. I’m guilty of this.

1. Which 5 bands would you like to see the most in concert? Goldfrapp, Portishead, Depeche Mode, The Tea Party

2. Where’s your favorite place to enjoy a live show and why? Outdoor venues, like the Snow Jam concert I went to in Vancouver. Why? Because there was more going on than just the concert, because there were refreshments

3. If you could go back in time and see a concert that you missed, or that you weren’t alive for, what show would attend? One of the really big outdoors ones, Woodstock or Lollapalooza or something like that.

4. How do you rate you city for getting good shows to come through. On a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being excellent and tell us why you rated it that way. Hrm, about 6. We get some really great bands coming to local pubs and clubs, but there’s no real large venue for outdoor shows or large performances.

5. What band would you most like to see reunite and go on tour? reunite? Oh I don’t know. How about we get a whole bunch of Canadian bands together to do a huge outdoors show or tour? That’d be a nice reunion.