Wednesday Mind Hump – Week 34

How wonderful that we’re starting the month off with a Mind Hump — does it get any better than that?

Wednesday, September 1st, is Exclamation Day. Why? Who knows and do we care? Ummm – NO, because we’re insane!!! It doesn’t matter what you say. Is there something you’d like to tell the whole world? This is your chance to say it loud, say it proud and say it like you mean it! Let’s warm up for the hump by listing three (3) or more things you believe the world would benefit by knowing, doing or whatever …

1. Thinking before doing. SO many stupid things could have been avoided if people had taken the time to think about what they were about to do.

2. Respect and accept other people’s beliefs and ways of doing things. Who said that everyone can’t be right to some degree?

3. Just because the world seems to be moving through the fast lane doesn’t mean you have to.

Now that you’ve made your point (heh heh … get it? Exclamation point?) wind up your mind and let’s hump loud, proud and like we mean it!!!

Today let’s have some “I say ___, you think ___” free association fun with an even dozen trigger words. Just enter the first word, words or phrase that comes to your mind. Above all, let yourself go and have fun!

01. aqua aquatics, underwater
02. scene movie, play
03. classic black and white movie
04. bliss ice cream and a good book
05. extra gum
06. juicy apple
07. quest Asheron’s Call
08. velvet “black velvet and that little-boy smile”
09. rub backrub
10. heartbeat rhythm
11. rise fall
12. glisten sunset on the water