Wednesday Mind Hump – Week 36

Hola, Humpolas. This week Hump Day is also Latin American Independence Day which commemorates Latin America’s independence from Spain in 1821. However … since we are a crazy bunch and everything we do is to the beat of a different bongo we’re not going to celebrate today or tomorrow (which is Mayflower Day). Instead, we’re going to celebrate yesterday. That’s right, we’re going to celebrate yesterday. Why? Because we’re all about sharing the love and yesterday was “Hug A Crabby Stranger Day”. No silly, NOT “Hump A Crabby Stranger” … “Hug A Crabby Stranger” Humping a stranger would have a constable knocking on your door with a Restraining Order.

As a warm-up tell us about the most disastrous or embarrassing first impression you’ve ever made on someone.

That would involved the terrible trouth moubles I hd the first time I actually approached my high school crush. We were in Gym class and he was trying to be helpful and tell me what a crunch was. I snapped at him, because I was already nervous, and then blubbered for a bit turned red and then beat a hasty retreat to the ladies.

Okay, ready or not, here come da hump!

This week an even dozen “I say ___, you think ___”. Just respond with the first word, phrase or thought that leaps into your head for each word.

01. rear ender
02. power “by the power of greyskull”
03. straw the last straw
04. goosebump tingles, ear nibbles
05. depend upon
06. hush be vewy vewy quiet I’m hunting scwewy wabbits…
07. magically delicious
08. bendable straw
09. duct tape
10. flip side
11. anticipation nerves
12. couch potato