CRAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Suck, suck, suck. That’s what this day did. I should have stayed in bed.

First, I find out that Owl really did drop out of the workshop so I could have her place. She said there were other factors, that she wasn’t sure if she’d continue with the writing or not etc, but I feel bad that she did that now. What do you say to someone who’s done something like that for you? *sigh*

Second, while I’m sitting at my desk trying to take coherent notes through the stuttering of the teacher and my mental litany of “I can’t believe Owl did that, she’s so sweet, but now I feel so bad…” what do I see? A flea, jump from somewhere on me onto my paper. I stare at it for a good three seconds before I can even think to squish it. Damn things are EVERYWHERE. I hope no one else saw it. That’ll teach me to wear the sweater I left on the floor last night. I’m soooo glad that I got that flea stuff for the girls this week. I’ve been watching them die after they jump off the cats. Much fun.

Third, I got called in to work early because Erin called in sick. That would have been fine if I hadn’t had plans already. I was going to do some banking and get myself all set for the semester, but nooooo, I have to work for eight hours in that crappy temp store. Man that store is butt-ugly and farking awkward. Hate it. Want new store. Now. dammit. *mutters under her breath*

Fourth, it took me seven tries to get through to the collection agency that I’ve been dealing with. I wanted the exact balance of my account so I could pay it off today. SEVEN tries. What the hell kind of company has such a crappy phone system that they have ANSWERING MACHINES instead of a queue for waiting calls? Dumb shits. I left a message to that effect after I’d paid my account.

Fifth, I have to try several times just to get through to the store to see WHAT TIME they needed me. They still don’t have a second line set up for the store so that people can actually call when sales are being rung through. It was a huge $$$ day too so it was nearly impossible to get through.

Sixth, When I’m closing, I realise I’m missing my keys for the store. I had specifically checked before Lyn left that I had my keys in my pocket. I had specifically checked before I left the house that I had my keys, but the store keys were not on my key clip when I went to get ready to leave this evening. I ripped my bag apart. I’ve ripped the house apart. I have no idea where they are. The only think I can think of is that I’ve been putting the clip on my backpack when I’m going to and from school, and that perhaps I clipped it on wrong, so that the strap was holding the clip slightly open and that the bouncing of my walk has made that key ring slip free and into the wild blue yonder. Whatever happened, it’s the shits. I’ve never lost keys before. EVER. I SUCK

Seventh, there was no bus by the time I got out of the mall. AND I took the wrong back hallway to get out of the stupid mall so I came out the BACK instead of the side like usual and I had to walk home in the PISSING rain. Needless to say I’d no umbrella. Speaking of which, I don’t remember removing my umbrella from my bag… I wonder where the hell it went? Oh crap.

And then, since Miss Kitten got me up four or five times in the night with either yowling or scrathing at the door, I didn’t feel very rested this am to start with, so now I feel like a freakin zombie. Not to mention it’s the monthly visit time too, so I’m extra tired and kinda cranky to start with.

Oh and did I mention that all of my real big doozer assignments are all sort of due in the same week? Second week in November, remember this: I’ll be on mars, ok?

After such a nice day the other day, this is a real shitter.

Good things? There’s lightening out tonight. I like lightening. And John gives good hugs.