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1) Pay tuition fees
2)Send off proof of enrolment to BCSAP
3) Proof of enrolment to my bank
4) deposit that cheque
5) Rent
6) Bills
7) Work on assignment for 215 due next week
8) pick up stories for workshopping
9) workshop said stories for next week
10) write a story for next week
11) make copies of stories for next week
12) get those mystery film rolls developed
13) work on oral presentation for EDCI 350
14) work on oral presentation for EDCI 353A
15) Work on research outline for ENGL 428A
16) work on “academic paper” for 350 that’s due before the presentation
17) Readings
18) Choose book for 353A
19) Novel response on novel for 353A due next week.

Hrm… I hate beginning of term!

getting there!