Wednesday Mind Hump – Week 38

In just a couple of days, October 2nd to be exact, we’ll be celebrating “Name Your Car Day!” Beep beep! Now we all know that the heap of nuts and bolts parked outside has probably been given many names in the past (but !^%& is very hard to pronounce)!! For this week’s pre-hump tell us if your car has a name, what it is and why…or if you don’t have a car, how about your computer? And if you haven’t already named one or the other, now’s the time!

My car was called Betsy. Rather: Baby-blue Betsy the Smiley-Face-Mobile. She was a 1983 Honda Civic Sedan that my grandmother bought brand new and I inherited. Her dashboard was covered with my smiley face sticker collection.

Ok fellow loonatics, time for the Hump!: an even dozen “I say ___, you think ___”. Just jot down the first word that comes to mind when you read the following…ready, set, H U M P !!

01. jungle boogie (?)
02. paper bag kitties
03. wollop whap
04. oops damn!
05. block punch
06. remnant remains
07. knickknack dust-collectors
08. utter silence
09. crevice ahem…well, I won’t say what came to mind first so I’ll say cranny.
10. lollipop mmm candy
11. blue moon
12. drip dry